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- M U S I C A L S   &   O P E R A S -

The Addams Family, April, 2017

Music by Andrew Lippa, book by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, based on the characters by Charles Addams

Dos Pueblos Theatre Company, Dos Pueblos High School

Goleta, CA


I.0. Preset
I.1.Addams Family Graveyard
I.2. Morticia's Boudoir
I.3. The Playroom
I.4. Central Park 1
I.4. Central Park 2
I.4. Central Park 3
I.5. Great Hall
I.6. Another Part of the House
I.7. The Grotto
I.8. Morticia's Boudoir
I.9. Another Part of the House 2
I.10. Another Part of the House 3
I.11. In-One with Pugsley
I.12. Great Hall and Banquet Table
II.1. Outside the House
II.2. Morticia's Boudoir
II.3. Guest Bedroom
II.4. Vaudeville In-One
II.5. Under the Addams Family Tree
II.6. Under the Addams Family Tree
II.7. Puglsey's Room
II.8. The Grotto
II.9. Park Benchand Taxi Sign
II.10.Addams Family Graveyard



Big Tree, Moon, Small
House,  Exterior
DS Trees
MS Trees
US Trees, CS Trees
Entry Door Interior
Entry Door Exterior
Window Unit Interior
Window Unit Exterior, Side View
Bookcase, Portrait Units
Fireplace, Side Views
Fireplace (Window Views)
Staircase 1
Staircase 2
Table and Bed
Rectangle Unit
Deck Elevation
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