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The Producers, June, 2008

By Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan, adapted from The Producers (1968) by Mel Brooks and Glen Kelly.

Surflight Theatre

Beach Haven, NJ


-Directed by: David Edwards

-Scenery by: Scott Aronow

-Lighting by: Jeff Greenberg

-Costumes by: Andi Lynn

Production Photo #1
Production Photo #2
Production Photo #3
Production Photo #4
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Color ElevationPortals
-Graphite on Vellum, colored with Watercolor
Color Elevation, "Springtime" Drop
-Graphite on Illustration Board, colored with Watercolor, lettered with Photoshop
Color Elevation, Marquee Drop
-Created with Photoshop
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"Springrime for Hitler"
-Created in Photoshop
"Prisoners of Love"
-Created in Photoshop
"The Breaking Wind"
-Created in Photoshop
"$100 Legs"
-Created in Photoshop
"Bialy Hoo of '42"
-Created in Photoshop
"Funny Boy"
-Created in Photoshop
"When Cousins Marry"
-Created in Photoshop
"King Leer"
-Created in Photoshop
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